Calgary Family Peer Connection is unique to any other programs in Western Canada. We are a mental health nonprofit that has also established a food rescue program to assist our clients in food insecurities.  We use our programs to provide food while assisting people with mental health challenges in vocational skill-building, support, and connection to their communities.

The program relies 95% on volunteers and community groups. They prepare and distribute food resources. We have focused on service groups and fire departments to provide a safe community distribution program. Volunteers come to the warehouse and assist with the loading of the product and go back to their communities for distribution. 

CFPC is focused on getting the largest amount of food out to rural Albertans. We facilitate food distribution in areas where they do not have Food Banks. We are also the only agency in Southern Alberta that can actually provide food to other agencies at any time.

We are the only program that has the capacity to hold and distribute the most amount of food in Alberta. Our criteria for service are different as it is only based on the individual needs and logistics of the person receiving the food.


CFPC is the only program of its kind in Alberta. 

CFPC is ALBERTA largest food RESCUE agency providing food to rural Albertans 

 CFPC is in partnership with Second Harvest which is the largest food program in CANADA.

Want to help?

The Shaw Charity Classic, partnered with Birdies for Kids and AltaLink, have teamed with us to raise funds for Calgary Family Peer Connections, and they will be matching donations up to 50%! Please click here and donate on their page to get some extra money for our one of a kind programs.